About Amity

Since its foundation in 1990 in Dortmund, the Amity textile trading company stands for trust, passion and quality. Since then we mainly produce „modern fashion“ for private brands of major companies.

Besides fashion, our intense and long lasting passion for several sports connects us – especially horse riding, golf and cycling.

It is therefore no surprise to combine our passion for the sports with our over 20 years of expertise in the textile industry and thus to develop clothes specifically for these purposes.

In this manner, the idea of the Amity Jackets collection arose.

Fashion consciousness, product perfection and customer satisfaction are our greatest concerns. The fundamental idea – our high quality standards – is always at the forefront of design and production. With love of detail, stylish classic design and selected high-quality materials our most durable, functional clothing for professionals and amateurs arises.

All collections are conceived and designed in Waltrop/Germany, our corporate and foundation headquarters.

They are all manufactured in selected factories in Europe, with whom we maintain a close and trusting cooperation for many years. Naturally, we only use the finest fabrics from Europe.


These traits have been important to the Amity brand when creating modern, stylish clothing since 1990.

As a result of our personal passion for various sporting and leisure activities, the Amity-Jackets collection was developed in 2012.

Amity-Jackets’ innovation is seen in the combination of a sporty, yet stylish look, while meeting the needs of urban mobility.

Through an attention to detail, modern-classic designs and well-chosen materials, Amity designs particularly durable, functional pieces for our premium customers.

Find out for yourself – Amity-Jackets will become your life-long companion.

Wilhelm Beermann and Team


Please email us at info@amity‑jackets.com or call us at +49 (0) 2309 561137 during our office hours 09:00 am – 5:00 pm.